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Sine Language
Music & Sound Design


Steve Bissinger



Film  |  Television  |  Podcast  |  Interactive

Sound Supervision • Design • Editing • Foley • Mixing

Music Composition • Production • Editing • Mixing

I’m a sound supervisor, sound designer, rerecording mixer, and guitarist, and I love telling stories with sound. From subtle foley details to lush soundscapes and mind warping sound effects, nothing is more exciting to me than bringing visuals to life through sound. I draw on over 25 years of creative experience crafting everything from Hollywood blockbusters to boundary pushing Independent films to podcasts, VR, games, and exhibits.

As a musician I bring a musical sensibility to every project with the goal of using sound to bring emotion and pacing, and create a sonic style and arc that supports the story development. My music training allows me to communicate with composers in their language to be sure that music and sound are mutually supportive.

With terabytes of custom sounds I’ve collected and created over 25 years, and state of the art software for processing and synthesis, I can oversee every aspect of your project’s audio post needs, from dialogue, ADR, and loop group, to sound design, foley and mixing, and deliver assets in whatever formats are called for.

I look forward to discussing your next project!


In Pursuit of Silence


Audio Post for

Musicals Roundtable
(West Side Story)


The Sound of Mindhunter


In Pursuit of Silence

(Panel Discussion)

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